The following, is a list of services we provide:

  -   Initial Lien Claim Filings
  -   Applications for Adjudication
  -   Declarations of Readiness
  -   Objections/Responses to Subpoenas
  -   Representation at all WCAB Hearings
  -   Objections to Notices of Intention to Dismiss or Disallow
  -   Trial Briefs
  -   Petitions for Penalties and Interest
  -   Petitions for Reconsideration
  -   Petitions for Removal

Send us your itemized billing statements and we will do the rest.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, and well-trained staff members

to handle all aspects of lien claim collection. We even offer automated

status reports. Whatever your needs, if you have provided or paid treatment

in connection with an industrial injury, we will do our utmost to ensure you

receive the full value of your lien claim!

The bottom line is that you will be impressed with our service and
pleased with your net recovery.
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